LandEscape Art Review // Special Issue - Page 71

Rossana Jeran Land scape CONTEMPORARY ART REVIEW in varying degrees, especially if it’s to be commercial. With my early experimental work, I did not consider the audience much because my work is personal, yet expressed universally, so you get to decide what it’s about for YOU. If I was on a panel or after a festival showing, sometimes people would ask me, “what is this about?” and I would turn the question back on them: “What does it mean to you?” And whatever that is, is what it’s about. My goal is to enlighten and entertain the masses through media and meditative experiential experiences and lure the imagination beyond the known. Thanks a lot for your time and for sharing your thoughts, Rossana. Finally, would you like to tell us readers something about your future projects? How do you see your work evolving? As a filmmaker, it is always good to have several projects in various stages of development. The City Mandala Series will be an ongoing, travel project. I hope to be commissioned by other cities to create their mandala loops and a chance to show them, whether by projection, digital frame or live show. I have another VJ loop series entitled, “Blo(om)”. Videos that lead the viewer through specific breath cycles while visually synchronizing with the bloom and collapse of a flower. Essentially, a guided meditation and breathing exercise, they serve as a pranayama machines for those with attention span challenges who need a guided interface to breathe and/or meditate with. I am also developing a commercial, feature film project for the young adult market entitled, The Subway Trilogy. It i about a shy and talented high school freshman that gets trapped inside the world of her own creative writing when a super-computer brings her story to life in the form of a wildly popular video game. The Subway Trilogy is also a book series with the first book already on It would be a dream come true to raise all the funds needed to direct and shoot this narrative feature, but I would settle for producing it, because of it’s powerful message and culturally relevant thematic content. I see my video art work heading more and more into ethereal realms as I continue to create imagistic organic content to embody global audiences at concerts, parties and events as a Media Artist or VJ. Blurgirl Youtube Channel Instagam - @rossana_jeran Twitter @rossanajeran Facebook: