LandEscape Art Review // Special Issue - Page 64

Land scape Rossana Jeran CONTEMPORARY ART REVIEW you tell us your biggest influences in art and how they have affected your work? One of my biggest influences wasn’t an artist at all… he was psychiatrist and psychotherapist, Carl Jung, who founded analytical psychology and coined the term ‘collective unconscious’; the aspect of the unconscious mind which manifests innate, universal themes and runs through all human experience. The collective unconscious is made up of archetypes, symbols and other images that reflect basic, primordial patterns, common to us all, that have existed universally since the dawn of time. Images and symbols are the language of the mind and the soul, which goes beyond words and speaks universally to us and through us. My work has always explored the lightto-dark spectrum of the human experience. Behind seemingly beautiful imagery often lies hidden subtext or metaphor, luring the imagination beyond the known, with grit and grace. Pulling from this vast and rich source of content, I can express the dichotomous aspect of our humanness and tap into the elusive nature of what cannot be said in words. Another huge influence is clinical psychiatrist, Dr. Rick Strassman, whose book, “DMT: The Spirit Molecule explores his revolutionary research into the biology of near-death and mystical experiences. The book centers around the pineal gland and it’s role in our spirituality and humanity as a whole. My early film making inspirations