LandEscape Art Review // Special Issue - Page 63

Rossana Jeran Land scape CONTEMPORARY ART REVIEW The way you to capture nonsharpness with an universal kind of language quality marks out a considerable part of your production, that are in a certain sense representative of the relationship between emotion and memory. How would you define the relationship between real and unreal, between abstraction and representation in your practice? In particular, how do figurative and a tendency towards abstraction find their balance in your work? The relationship between the real and unreal is a multi layered and loaded question, that brings to mind one of my favorite subjects: Quantum Physics. This branch of science has served as a muse for me on creative and spiritual levels. It allows for so much fodder and ideas for visual content! From the macro to microcosm of all matter, at the end of the day the only real thing is energy, waves and particles and the pure potentiality of each moment. Cinema and the moving image allows for a varied and dichotomous range of experiences for viewers. We now know that perception IS reality. Everything is relative and subjective to one’s own experience of the world. My early short films were usually made up of three or four, visually driven, storylines that depicted different dimensions, often dichotomous aspects of experience. Finding the balance between figurative and abstract expression in my work, is a delicate tension I must find, so viewers can connect with the work. Your art is rich of references. Can