LandEscape Art Review // Special Issue - Page 60

Land scape Rossana Jeran CONTEMPORARY ART REVIEW possible with the moving image. In reality, we ARE the experience we are experiencing. I feel my work has always been subjective, asking the viewer to interact with it like a painting, photograph or other work of art. I want to move my audience, altering their perspective, by evoking feeling and imagination and encouraging them to embody and experience the moment. This is true immersion. With competition up and less and less people seeing movies in theaters, we as filmmakers, must find and/or create different venues to showcase our work; another reason I became a VJ. A current, ongoing project, Transformotron is a collaboration of light and sound with musician, Christopher Taylor. Blending EDM tracks, with modern rock guitar riffs and world beats, the music delivers hypnotic grooves laced with conscious lyrics. Expressing themes in the music and lyrics, I concept, create, mix and then project the imagery over him during our live performances. The experience is further heightened with the use of binaural beats, which assists meditation by using sound or light pulses or both. Binaural beats synchronize two different beats, causing our own brainwaves into natural and beneficial frequencies. The intended purpose of our show is to unite the body and mind through dance and perform all over the world Transformotron - video still I’ve also been developing an idea for a large, multi-projector, video installation about spirituality and transcendence that allows participants to experience a state of pure consciousness. The silent energy of all things. Some call it consciousness, presence,