LandEscape Art Review // Special Issue - Page 59

Rossana Jeran Land scape CONTEMPORARY ART REVIEW CITY MANDALA SERIES links: City Mandala Series - Miami - Hacked - VJ Loop City Mandala Series - Kansas City - Hacked - VJ Loop City Mandala Series - San Francisco, CA - Hacked - VJ Loop City Mandala Series - Santa Monica, CA - Hacked - VJ Loop City Mandala Series - Joshua Tree, CA - Hacked - VJ Loop City Mandala series provides the viewers with an immersive experience: how do you see the relationship between public sphere and the role of art in public space? In particular, how much do you consider the immersive nature of the viewing experience in your process? most iconic aspects of the city through its’ landscape and architecture, be it building, skyline, bridge, flora or fauna. I then edit the footage into an organic kaleidoscope of color and design, creating a symbiotic essence and homage to the city itself. Current studies show we are moving from the Information Age, which began 25 years ago with the introduction of the internet, to the Experience Age, revolutionizing the way everyone from artists to retailers think about engaging their project or product with viewers and customers. Today, people want immersive, visceral experiences that engage all their senses, so evident with the growing popularity of virtual reality gaming, movies and new forms of entertainment. I believe this is also