LandEscape Art Review // Special Issue - Page 56

Land scape Rossana Jeran CONTEMPORARY ART REVIEW searching the web or using stock footage and making it my own through the editing process. Being a VJ has also opened so many more venues to showcase my work, whether it’s behind a DJ, a live music concert or event, even hotel lobbies and bars are displaying video and media art for their guests. Here are some example loops I made either with footage I shot myself or found online. Taking Root Bouquet of Pixels Journey to the I of the Sun Once Kings After the Lotus Burns For this special edition of LandEscape we have selected your City Mandala series, an interesting project that our readers have already started to get to know in the introductory pages of this article. What has at once captured our attention of this interesting transdisciplinary research project is the way you provided the visual results of your analysis with autonomous aesthetics: would you shed light on your usual process and set up? We have been deeply impressed with your multilayered and at the same time enigmatic approach to narrative form. How did you develop the structure of the videos from City Mandala series? **”Mandala" is actually a Sanskrit word that means circle. Today, it refers to