LandEscape Art Review // Special Issue - Page 55

Rossana Jeran Land scape CONTEMPORARY ART REVIEW realm’. Godhead trailer for film: My second feature, triptych (2008) written by Jason Turner who brought me the script to direct, involves a typical love triangle between aspiring actors and friends, who are cast in a vampire play. However, lurking just beneath this seemingly routine saga lies the essence of the dark side of the human spirit. A theatrical play inside of a movie, a multidisciplinary approach helped blur the lines between the two, making it hard to distinguish between the fantasy and the narrative. I, of course, made a cameo in the film as a succubus... Both films are available to for viewing on Triptych Teaser: After many years of making short films and then features, which is so much about raising funds, budgets, schedules, large crews and logistics, I wanted to get back to the root and creative aspect of film making: the moving image. realm. Along with directing the film, I cowrote it with writer, David Niall Wilson, who composed the narrative aspect while I wrote the dream-like sequences and eventually played the role of Eave, the ‘woman in another It was then I became a VJ (video jockey), much like a DJ who mixes music, but I mix visuals. This transition to VJ, which also involved me becoming an editor, opened up new worlds, because just like a DJ samples sounds and music, I am able to find and ‘sample’ images, blending them together to create completely new works through trans-disciplinary means. Although I prefer to concept, shoot and create my own organic imagery, I can find and create any visuals I want by