LandEscape Art Review // Special Issue - Page 52

Land scape Rossana Jeran CONTEMPORARY ART REVIEW as the lead in my friend, Brendon Phillips’ feature film for the Kansas City Art Institute that I really got to play a dramatic role and be part of the production process in getting the project made. I was hooked! I also worked in the Kansas City commercial, production scene after being taken in by mentors and producers, Rick Cowan and Claudia Wight.. The more and more I learned, the more and more I fell in love with the process of production and realized I could make my own films and cast myself in them. Bordering on performance art, I would cast myself as an archetype and use allegorical and metaphorical costumes, locations, sets, props and images to depict disparate emotional and psychological states. This made up some of my earliest short works, Madness ( ) “M(other) (not online) Tender ( and Wish ( )all have visually driven storylines with no voice over, text or language, just imagery and sound to move them along. Experimental film for sure! You are a versatile artist and over these years you have gained the ability to cross from one media to another: your are active as writer, director, VJ and producer of short and feature films, as well as music videos, videoscapes and multi-media projects and your approach reveals an incessant search of an organic symbiosis between a variety of viewpoints. The results convey Miami VJ loop - video still together a coherent sense of unity that rejects any conventional classification. Before starting to elaborate about your production, we would suggest to our readers to visit in order to get a synoptic view of your multifaceted artistic production: while walking our readers through your process,