LandEscape Art Review // Special Issue - Page 39

Jing Zhou

LandE scape

first Buddhist saying , “ all life is sorrowful .” It is because of the constant and endless loss in reality . Personally I see nostalgia as “ half death .”
“ Childhood ” and “ Adolescence ” are probably the only two paintings that I dealt with my memories . Growing up is a difficult stage in life for many people , specially sensitive beings . By the time when I was able to express my experiences and feelings through my work , I was an adult with a fair understanding of the causes and consequences of my childhood . Therefore , the two paintings are the careful analysis of my emotions . Perhaps by creating the paintings , it was a way for me to let go of the past and move on in life … a ritual for recovering .
You works invite the viewers to a multilayered experience , in which you walk them though a process of deciphering your life journey . This urges the spectatorship to challenge the common way they perceive not only the outside world , but their inner sphere ... We are sort of convinced that some informations & ideas are hidden , or even " encrypted " as microscopic grains of sand in the environment we live in , so we need to decipher them . Maybe that one of the roles of an artist could be to