LandEscape Art Review // Special Issue - Page 36

LandE scape

Jing Zhou
and tranquil connection in a public environment . The art in public space occupies a unique position within the art world and is often less appreciated . I think that the importance of public art is in building a sense of community , which includes international communities .
Elements from environment are particularly recurrent in your imagery and they never plays the role of a mere background . Do you see a definite relationship between environment and your work ?
For the “ Dimensions of Light ” series , my answer to this question is “ yes .” This series of images blend the background and the foreground , the lightness and the shadows , and the negative space and the positive space . The intriguing part of this project is to discover and interact with these pairs of opposites in unpredictable ways .
Childhood and Adolescence show a successful attempt to translate the flow of memory into images marked out with a rigorous geometry that provide them with such a tactive feature . What is the role of memory in your work ? We are particularly interested in how you consider the nature memory and its evokative role in showing an alternative way to escape and overcome the recurrent reality , or if you are rather interested to question its elusive nature on a theoretical aspect .
Good question . Often times the remnant of the past evokes emotional storms … As the