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SUMMARY LandEscape CONTEMPORARY ART REVIEW Francine Gourguechon lives and works in Chicago, Illinois, USA Jing Zhou lives and works in New York City, USA 4 20 Rossana Jeran lives and works in Los Angeles, California, USA 46 Klaus Grape lives and works in München, Germany Gail Factor lived and worked in the United States 72 96 Carol Elkovich USA Tanya Ziniewicz USA Rossana Jeran USA Carol Elkovich lives and works in San Francisco, USA 124 Whether Fibbonacci spirals, scientific theories of disorganized complexity, or the architecture of habitat’s nature has long been a primary source for erudition in both art and science.Recent maps charting social networks on the digital frontier take the visual quality of plant root structures, especially rhizomes. A rhizome is a stem of a plant that spreads by sending shoots to multiple points of selfreplicating nodes. The interconnection of the rhizome negates hierarchy and represents a kind of democratic interconnectivity, very similar to the accessible and creative systems of living in a digital age. I find it interesting to see abstract processes mirroring physical designs seen in nature. My work lets these ideas and symbols collide into evocative patterns that I see as a kind of geography of thought. Borrowing from maps of social networks, the invading patterns of virus behavior or the comportment of swarming insects, and simply the shapes of leaves and petals fallen to the ground — I am interested in disorganized complexity as a prominent overlay to the rational constructions of contemporary life. I strive for associations layered into a collective visual image that asks for contemplation of the structures shaping our knowledge, our relationships, or memories, and our physical experiences. The Land series investigates subtleties of human interaction, imagination, and transience through a network of organic linear forms that are continually emerging, growing, reaching, and intertwining. The series begins as a study of delicate balance between positive and negative space, between what is visible and invisible, by way of quiet but intricate panoramas. While the forms are invented, they suggest such things as rhizomes, ribbons, neurons, or strands of muscle tissue. My intention is for the images to waver between definition and ambiguity, inviting the viewer to discover a unique interpretation and association. The Excavation series begins digging below the ground to reveal a subterranean network of colorful forms. In creating these images, I imagine building and traversing paths between observation and invention, logic and emotion, similar to a mind filled with thoughts that sprout and extend, curl and unfurl, tangled like a mass of unwound string or a clustered mound of roots. The Ascent series follows the forms on an upward climb into airy, sky-like negative space, as variations in movement and tension suggest infinite possibilities, overlaps, endings, and beginnings. Rossana Jeran AKA Blurgirl is an award-winning writer, director, VJ and producer of short and feature films, as well as music videos, vidscapes and multi-media projects. Her work has screened across the United States and abroad and been featured at the Independent Feature Film Market, Newfilmmakers/NYC, Gen Art, Deep Ellum, Chicago Art Institute, Independent Exposure, The Kansas City Filmmakers Jubilee and the 11th Annual Experimental Film Festival in Sydney, Australia, and DJ Central, a world wide cable show about electronic music. Walking her own spiritual and meditative path, Jeran’s work explores the light-to-dark spectrum of the human experience with grit and edge. Behind seemingly beautiful imagery often lies disturbing subtext or metaphor, luring the imagination beyond the comfortable, beyond the known.Taking media back to its roots, Jeran’s work transcends storytelling and language, blurring the lines between entertainment, participation and direct experience for global audiences. Tanya Ziniewicz lives and works in Baltimore, MD USA Raul Moyado lives and works in Tijuana, Baja California, México Ehud Schori lives and works in Israel On the cover , a work by 152 176 200 Special thanks to Haylee Lenkey, Martin Gantman, Krzysztof Kaczmar, Joshua White, Nicolas Vionnet, Genevieve Favre Petroff, Sandra Hunter, MyLoan Dinh, John Moran, Marya Vyrra, Gemma Pepper, Michael Nelson, Hannah Hiaseen and Scarlett Bowman, Yelena York Tonoyan, Haylee Lenkey, Martin Gantman, Krzysztof Kaczmar and Robyn Ellenbogen. Special Issue