LandEscape Art Review // Special Issue - Page 211

Ehud Schori LandE scape CONTEMPORARY ART REVIEW to express and convey the idea you explore. Multidisciplinary presentation is a good way to explain yourself if your work is multidisciplinary, but sometimes it is better to use just one technique. This was the case with my book "74 WAYS TO MEASURE TIME". I wanted to say something about the relations between objective time and subjective time and I used only pen and paper. How do you select your materials? In particular, What properties in materials do you identify with? What is it that changes in your work from piece to piece? I choose the materials I use according to the work I am going to make. If it is a traditional sculpture like a head of a boy, than the material is going to be bronze. I do all the work involved in the process, from the clay model to the patina on the finished sculpture. If it is an installation in the desert, then most of the materials are exist on site and I have to add the materials which serve the idea of the artwork. Some years ago I found a dry riverbed with very deep cracks. I widened three cracks, picked two tiny flowers and put them in two of them and poured some water into the third. A face of a man appeared on the ground. I took a