LandEscape Art Review // Special Issue - Page 206

LandE scape Ehud Schori CONTEMPORARY ART REVIEW multifaceted background. You are trained as an architect: how do this experience of formal trainig influence the way you currently conceive and produce your works? And in particular, how does your cultural substratum inform the way you relate yourself to the aesthetic problem in general? As an architect I plan every artwork as a project. Once I have an idea I draw a sketch , then another and another till I am satisfied with the result. Only then I produce the final work, usually with minimum changes. Through Architecture I have learnt the importance of order. I believe in some sort of cosmic order. When things are arranged according to the cosmic order we say they are esthetic. You are a versatile artist and your pratice includes a wide variety of media and disciplines: ranginìg from paintings to video art and installations, the kaledoiscopic nature of your practice shows an organic synergy between a variety of expressive capabilities. Before starting to elaborate about your production, we would suggest to our readers to visit in order to get a synoptic view of your multifaceted artistic production: while walking our readers through your process, we would like to ask you if you have you ever happened to realize that such multidisciplinary approach is the only way