LandEscape Art Review // Special Issue - Page 198

LandE scape Raul Moyado CONTEMPORARY ART REVIEW Initally, I was not aware about the audience reception I simply sought to satisfy a curiosity of my own. When I merged my first painting with Google Street View I shared the results on my blog and a diverse but moderate audience began to spread my discovery. It was until Google Maps mention me through its social networks when I realized the more globalized reach of my art work. Nevertheless, in terms of creative decision making I have felt no influence from the audience part so far. My direct participation with the viewer became more evident as I evolved into the virtual reality medium, an interest in the observation of the observer unexpectedly aroused. It was interesting the reaction of the audience from the external point of view to the virtual. They would often ask me questions about what they observe but when I situated myself on another plane of reality, I could not understand exactly what were they referring to. I had not thought about it until now and I think it can give rise to new creative proposals. After reading the history of panoramic painting I have continued my own research on new approaches and thoughts about the spherical projections and its relation to the composition of the universe. There are many interesting philosophical and scientific theories, from Aristotelian cosmology to the theory of holographic principle in physics. For example, the holographic principle suggests that we all experience every day in three dimensions may really just be information located on a surface at the farthest end of our cosmos. So, it's possible that our lives are really just acting out the painting on the largest canvas in the universe. From this point of view our present reality can be a panoramic projection of other dimensions. Under these premises I would like to establish new bridges that lead to the exploration of more metaphysical environments through a more abstract representation, I think it is a challenge that I would like to assume. An interview by and , curator , curator