LandEscape Art Review // Special Issue - Page 194

E Land scape CONTEMPORARY ART REVIEW Raúl Moyado video games; virtual spaces are justified by predefined objectives and situations. Most of the landscape continues to be relegated to the background because of the playful interaction with other objects in the foreground. On the other hand, I take advantage of this quality of digital media in my paintings to experience navigation under the axis of contemplation. To redeem the pictorial representation of digital spatiality in order to proclaim its isolated existence as primary, independent of its connection with other narrative images that give rise to an apparent sense. I believe that as an artist it is unlikely to take off from influential moments in the creative process. Based on an experience, Robert Barker, from the vantage point of Carlton Hill devised the starting method of panoramic painting. Personal experiences intervene even unconsciously. For example, in the paintings mentioned above, my selfportrait as a spectator can act as a starting point, however, it is not an essential or permanent theme since my presence disappears in the following paintings. As the landscapes move