LandEscape Art Review // Special Issue - Page 193

Raul Moyado LandE scape CONTEMPORARY ART REVIEW core of the romantic is the pursuit of the inaccessible. Photography has freed the painting from the demand for resemblance which, in the case of panoramic painting was needed to fulfill its documentary work. Now the new challenges of painting are to show any object and environment as if they were the originals. Rescuing them from time or serialized and mechanical capture so that they┬┤re shown in its pure essence. For this reason, my paintings do not enter into details of their narrative sense so that the image itself produces the same surprise as the first time we encounter the unknown. As Martin Heidegger mentions "The fundamental event of the modern age is the conquest of the world as picture". Romanticism, as opposed to modernity, conveys the feeling of the sublime through the landscape. At the It is common to use the landscape as a resource to tell stories, relegating and sending them to a secondary role. In this way, the meaning of these spaces is determined by the implantation of primary elements within a plot line that governs its sequence. When this happens, environments will cease to stand on their own. In the digital medium a quality known as navigable space is inaugurated, being the result of an equation between space and time representation. This element is used in new types of digital narratives such as