LandEscape Art Review // Special Issue - Page 190

LandE scape Raúl Moyado CONTEMPORARY ART REVIEW Art challenges technology and technology challenges art to produce new aesthetic experiences and to extend visual languages. I do not think that neither one suppress the other altogether because they feed each other. As for digital painting, I see it as a new medium made to be seen through a screen; There´s no need to transfer a digital product to a printed media. Is it necessary to print a video? My proposal with painting in virtual reality is to conceive new forms of contemplation directly related to the medium in which it is created. Memory is the starting point to fill a space with meaning; for human perception the landscape sustains traces of the past and through it collective memories are reconstructed. These memories evoke feelings and states of mind and it is through my painting that I transform fractions of reality lost in time, manipulate them, and repaint them as the mind does often with our memories. As a result, the landscape is transformed into a state of