LandEscape Art Review // Special Issue - Page 185

Raúl Moyado LandE scape CONTEMPORARY ART REVIEW medium offers. Everything proceeds from exploring possibilities and playing with styles which inspire me to personal reinterpretation. For example, during high school I had the idea of creating a couple of video games introducing a pixel art style evoking nostalgia for the generation of 8-bit video games that I used to play. Thenceforth my formal studies in the visual arts, I began to incorporate the pictorial aesthetic that can be seen in Mobile Cyclorama. In the specific process of this project, it was first important to understand essential aspects of image projection on a spherical surface. To solve this technical aspect and obtain the inverted illusion, I began to work with the scheme of equirectangular projection of images. I needed to understand basic aspects of the illusory "trompe-l'œil" techniques used in painting. This requires a prior drawing and a clear outlined delimitation of optical distortions that are defined on a large-format digital canvas. Once sketches are well defined, I can work more freely by applying gestural strokes of colors and textures where I let myself be guided by intuition. There was a particular film that triggered the curiosity to live the experience of being placed inside a canvas. The film "Dreams" by Akira Kurosawa contains a crucial scene where an art student finds himself inside the vibrant and chaotic world of Vincent Van Gogh. In a previous scene, he meets the artist in a field and talks with him. During that time I was an art student also, so I felt identified with the protagonist and his search plagued of doubts yet hopeful of receiving answers through the art work of one of the great representatives of postimpressionism. At one point of the film, the student loses track of the artist´s presence and then he travels through other paintings trying to find him. That tour full of textures and details of oil painting was quite stimulating and inspiring. While pursuing my academic degree in plastic arts, I used to work as a web developer, designing internet sites in order to pay for my education. I was very aware of new web technologies that emerged at the time. When I saw the emergence of Google maps along with Google Street View, I suddenly