LandEscape Art Review // Special Issue - Page 182

LandE scape Raúl Moyado CONTEMPORARY ART REVIEW born as a personal need to interpret the world and to create new ones. Hello, first of all I want to thank LandEscape for its interest in my artwork and to give me the opportunity to share and speak about it in its publication. I believe that the rural context in which I grew up had a great influence on my nature´s representation approach. I was born in Baja California but some years of my childhood I lived with my family in a mountain and forest area in a central state of the country. During that time I did not have access to computer technologies. Fortunately, at that stage of my life I was able to experience life offline, the mystery of not having all the information instantly and everywhere ... something so inconceivable for the new generations. I think the natural environment was important to be aware of the habitat around me, to develop my affinity for drawing and for all kinds of visual representation from that moment on. Upon returning to Baja California and to a more urbanized environment, my creative perception already had enough cognitive tools to face the imminent digital transition. Video games stimulated my imagination to other directions. I think that all our array of experiences are somehow integrated to the own artistic creation, On the subject of my formal academic background: I believe that the influence of my professional training in both disciplines, art and technology, has an evident effect in my most recent work. Mobile Cyclorama seeks to extend and reconcile the aesthetic relationship of the plastic arts with digital platforms. One of my theoretical supports is through the history of panoramic painting and its relationship with virtual reality, these type of reflections are the product of linking my training in both disciplines, each one of them contributing from its own field to the subject in question. The evolution and adaptation of my style are directly related to the different challenges that each