LandEscape Art Review // Special Issue - Page 171

Tanya Ziniewicz Land scape CONTEMPORARY ART REVIEW myself wandering into landscape paintings, and it pleases me when my viewers tell me they engage with my work in a similar way. You draw a lot from natural and urban environment and the landscapes that you paint never play the mere role of backgrounds: how would you define the relationship between environment and your work? I am heavily influenced by observations of my surroundings and the subtleties of the way things grow. In nature, I take note of tangled vines, branches, weeds, and textures of grass, rocks, or leaves. In urban spaces, I notice cracks in sidewalks, green growth emerging from fissures in man-made structures, or oil stains on concrete. I see these things as beautiful on their own, and they inspire me to create imagery that mimics similar shapes and patterns. to create a space that is imaginative but believable, so that viewers can feel lost in that space. I recall being a child and imagining Over the years your works have been exhibited in several occasions, including your current solo Enwind at the Rosenberg Gallery, Baltimore. One of the hallmarks of your work is the capability to create direct involvement with the viewers, who are urged to evolve from a condition of mere spectatorship. So before leaving this conversation we