LandEscape Art Review // Special Issue - Page 17

Francine Gourguechon LandE scape CONTEMPORARY ART REVIEW that accumulate in your mind over time. This is a mysterious process and seems to express itself in creative thinking. Despite to clear references to perceptual reality, your visual vocabulary, as reveals the interesting Derriere, has a very ambivalent quality. How do you view the concepts of the real and the imagined playing out within your works? Derriere is an early piece. I was beginning to understand how to imagine transforming the known figure into something more creative, more meaningful. Pensive I have always been fascinated in indigenous people, their tribal organizations and connection to the natural world. The body art and physical decorativeness is a visual key to their societal operations and exquisite creativeness. These ideas of body art don’t come from personal experience in any way but from the life long study of art and humanity I remember using my mosaic skills to cut and break glass to complicate the form and give it a multi faceted appearance. The large glass chunks that crown Derriere where picked up off the floor of a glass foundry. We like the way your works accomplish an insightful investigation of the subconscious sphere. We daresay that your art practice also challenges an inner cultural debate between heritage from the past and traditions that carry on to this day: despite the reminders to traditional figurative approach, your works is marked out with a stimulating contemporary sensitiveness. Do you think that there's still a contrast