LandEscape Art Review // Special Issue - Page 168

Land scape Tanya Ziniewicz CONTEMPORARY ART REVIEW texture? My color palette is influenced by a combination of formal design decisions, information collected through observations in reality, and emotional expression. I typically begin my paintings with an application of wildly expressive colors. I work very quickly and intuitively. That initial color palette serves as a starting point – or something I can react to in developing the image further. Often the colors change dramatically from start to finish. In Ascent 8, 9, and 10, I began with a washy ground of vibrant neon pink and red. I began finding forms within that initial space, and as the forms developed and became more precise, the colors settled down into rich browns, reds, and flesh-like tones. In recent work, I have been intrigued by textures that are silky, perhaps a little bit shiny, and sometimes fleshy. In future projects, I am interested in exploring textures further – adding fur, bark, hair, or making the surface of the forms even more flesh-like. Your images are marked out with reference to perceptual reality: how does direct experience fuels the way you develope your subconscious narratives? In particular, is important for you that the viewers attempt to recognize the traces of reality in your images? Art-making is a way for me to digest, or make sense of, my direct