LandEscape Art Review // Special Issue - Page 161

Tanya Ziniewicz Land scape CONTEMPORARY ART REVIEW view the concepts of the real and the imagined playing out within your works? Finding just the right balance between abstraction and representation, or real and imagined, is an essential part of my work. From reality, I seek visual information that is useful to creating spatial illusion and believable volumetric forms. From imagination, I develop forms that have certain general features – such as curved, continuous, overlapping, or intertwining. Drawing from both sides, the resulting images are ambiguous but believable, sometimes exhibiting characteristics of things that could be defined as vines, seaweed, hair, or ribbons, though the forms are never limited to being interpreted as a specific thing. kind of language, suspending the viewers between imagination and reality marks out a considerable part of your production. How would you define the relationship between abstraction and representation in your practice? In particular, how does reality and a tendency towards abstraction find their balance in your work? And how do you Inviting the viewer to discover interpretations and associations, The Land series allows an open reading, a great multiplicity of meanings: associative possibilities seems to play a crucial role in your pieces. How important is this degree of openness? Very important, and I keep that in mind as I work. I have my own personal or psychological narrative that influences each piece as I create it, but I keep most of that private. I encourage the audience to interpret