LandEscape Art Review // Special Issue - Page 154

Land scape CONTEMPORARY ART REVIEW LandEscape meets Tanya Ziniewicz An interview by Katherine Williams, curator and Josh Ryder, curator Artist Tanya Ziniewicz's work a channel of communication between abstraction and reality: while her photography could be considered abstract it is actually completely realistic: encapsulating a careful attention to composition and balance, her works suggest spontaneity and walks the viewers through an unconventional aestetic journey. In her Land series, that we'll be discussing in the following pages, Ziniewicz draws us beyond the dichotomy between the visible and the invisible accomplishing the difficult task of providing us with a multilayered experience, in which experience and imagination converge to an unexpected still consistent point of convergence. We are very pleased to introduce our readers to her multifaceted and stimulating artistic production. Hello Tanya and welcome to LandEscape: before starting to elaborate about your artistic production would you like to tell us something about your background? You have a solid formal training and after having earned your BFA in Drawing from Cleveland Institute of Art you nurtured your education with MFA in Printmaking, that you received from the Rhode Island School of Design. How do these experiences influenced your evolution as an artist? And in particular, how does your cultural substratum inform the way you relate yourself to art making and to the aesthetic problem in general? During my college education, I began to study examples of everyday ephemera, such as oil stains on concrete, sidewalk cracks, mold spores, frost patterns, or bubble formations in toothpaste spit. I used mark-making in drawing and printmaking to mimic patterns and structures I observed around me. I have always been particularly drawn to Taoistic philosophy and its key notions of being and non-being, coming-to-be and passing away, arrival and departure. This introduced me to the idea of transience – that everything is undergoing subtle and constant transformations.