LandEscape Art Review // Special Issue - Page 139

Carol Elkovich Land scape CONTEMPORARY ART REVIEW Fibonacci sequence observed in nature, mapped in mathematical sequences, and expressed in art and architecture through the Golden Section, Rectangle, and Proportion. The compositions in the Viral Theories series are directly related to the democratic branching patterns in Rhizomatic systems. As far as other inspiration or artistic influences go, I like to think my work shares an affinity, in terms of language of accumulation and liberated compositions, with the installations of Pae White and Ann Hamilton. Also, Carol Bove makes work whose themes and compositional juxtapositions I appreciate. The way you capture non-sharpness with an universal kind of language quality marks out a considerable part of your production, that are in a certain sense representative of the relationship between emotion and memory. How would you define the relationship between real and unreal, between abstraction and representation in your practice? In particular, how do figurative and a tendency towards abstraction find their balance in your work? I like your definition of non-sharpness and would add that the language you speak of is essentially a series of visual metaphors that are open to interpretation and made accessible through the juxtaposition of unspoken, associative impulses. My work deals with giving shape to the invisible, such as emotions and memories, which although they cannot be seen are unmistakably real. I tend toward abstraction as a means to access fleeting and possibly