LandEscape Art Review // Special Issue - Page 135

Carol Elkovich Land scape CONTEMPORARY ART REVIEW effective in expressing the complex concepts I examine. For example, my installation sculptures grew to become hybridized with painting and had physical depth. The works evolved into Viral Theories installations which were no longer contained by frames—the works were reactive to spatial conditions, light, and shadow—and then the reactive elements became more complex as I included physical motion with water currents at specific sites. Those installations were floating and ephemeral and the work ultimately became films that acted as a residual memory of the original piece. The interdisciplinary nature of my work is also a result of my belief that the choice of medium significantly affects the message. When artists’ media choices cracked open, raw materials became acute cultural signifiers and conceptual inferences are made through the medium of an artwork. Wood, plastic, paint, metal, film, or the written word— these all contain a diverse array of natural, industrial, and cultural legacies that apply contingent concepts to the artist’s intentions and oeuvre. For this special edition of LandEscape we have selected Viral Theories, an interesting series that our readers have already started to admire in the introductory pages of this article. What has at once captured our attention of this body of work is the way the effective combination between rigorous construction and a freedom of composition provides this piece with a dynamic and autonomous aesthetics and it's really