LandEscape Art Review // Special Issue - Page 115

Gail Factor Land scape CONTEMPORARY ART REVIEW What fascinates us about Ms. Factor's approach is this diversity of visual ideas that she worked with and how she balanced them together. What defines her unique position as an artist is my mother’s own well-honed ability to weave her concepts together. The elements she worked with are personal, taken from her life experience, her emotions and always her immediate surroundings. Using these as notional components that guided her compositions, she applied her great gift of maintaining balance and harmony both with form, texture, and color. It seems that a lot of her painting focused on the intersection between the tangible world and imagination. Is this something she intended, or is it incidental to something else? Yes, in a way, it is the tangible world translated into the abstract realm residing in her consciousness, though maybe just below awareness. You can see that she drew on her technical abilities and years spent studying physical surroundings as a platform to transcend into ethereal form and meaning. Ms. Factor's paintings could be considered as visual biographies: while striving for pure