LandEscape Art Review // Special Issue - Page 112

Land scape Gail Factor CONTEMPORARY ART REVIEW yet alluding to much more beyond that. The initial pieces that comprise Metamorphosis were created when my mother was in an emotionally tranquil state. She had a newly created home in Tesuque, New Mexico that she had built herself. She was setting off on the adventure of a new personal relationship. Having made a concerted effort to focus on her happiness, she had overcome emotional pain from the previous years. Her artwork of that time exudes great confidence; I feel that it is very reflective of her then current emotional landscape. As 2010 approached, what is most obvious in the work is the metaphorical appearance of her illness, her wrestling and facing her journey towards life transition. All of this was in real time, yet subconscious. You can see the use of color changing into warmer tones - browns, reds, oranges - which were new to her palette. Also noticeable is the expansion of sky in contrast to land. As the sky grew larger, the land below became darker. In some instances, there is a heavenly glowing quality to the skies where slight shapes and forms can be noticed.