Land of Hope and Technology February 2016 - Page 7

ISSUE 1 The three Us, universities, universities and universities The UK ranks second in the world for business-university collaboration, and fifth for business university collaboration in R&D. In the year 2012/13 the UK generated no less than £2.7 billion from universities working with business. During the same period, higher education generated £86.6 million in IP revenue and £376 million from graduate start-ups. According to rankings produced by the FT, of the world’s top business schools for MBAs, nine are in the UK. Of the world’s top 50 universities according to the Times Higher Education World University rankings, seven are in the UK. Or take so called start-up programs. We will be returning to this in a moment, because the emergence of a culture designed to support start-ups and businesses developing beyond the start-up phase, is actually quite staggering. For the time being, suffice to know that around a quarter of start-up programs are run by universities.