Land of Hope and Technology February 2016 - Page 11

ISSUE 1 Impact of media, no such thing as bad publicity? TV shows such as the Apprentice and Dragons Den do not present a realistic view of business. In fact they do rather seem to reinforce a ‘dog eat dog view’. For that reason the entrepreneurial community has often been scathing of such shows. Take the views of well-known and highly successful British entrepreneur, most famous for his sterling work at Pizza Express, Luke Johnson. In an interview on BBC Radio Four he said “I think we need to educate the media and politicians and the public that entrepreneurs really matter because they create an awful lot of the new jobs, they are disproportionately important in innovation and we want to understand them more, we want to encourage more of them, and we want to help them. “Unfortunately, in our survey about 75 per cent of entrepreneurs we talked to said they thought the shows [The Apprentice and Dragons’ Den] portrayed entrepreneurs in a caricature way and I think that’s unfortunate, because it can be off-putting and it discourages. Ideally what we should be doing is inspiring more young people to start a business - or people of any age indeed - to help create growth.” Mr Johnson added : “We need to help change the culture over time, and that means portraying the more positive, optimist