Land n Sand Jan / Feb 2014 - Page 9

She fell or was thrown down the face of the wave, with the mast going in first. The crashing sound must have been the cabin and deck hitting the water. In the morning, conditions calmed down. An improved version of the jury rudder was fabricated from plywood and they continued on their journey toward Saldanha Bay. Dudley: “I wasn’t aware that the rudder had been damaged when mooring chains broke at RCYC, which may have initiated the breakage. I could have inspected it and may have found evidence of structural problems.” Being a sailor teaches you to live frugally, to make use of what nature gives you and to actively take care of the environment. All participants mentioned care deeply for our planet. Dr Wiswedel’s yacht (and home) runs on power supplied by the sun and wind. Power for yachts is generated from a combination of sources making use of the main engine, alternators, solar panels, wind generators and batteries. Fresh water is essential for survival at sea – it takes planning and preparation to procure. Almost turning wine into water, Marna received three liter winebags, which she and Christine, DoDo’s navigator, filled with 400 liters water as DoDo’s water tank was contaminated on the first day.