Land n Sand Jan / Feb 2014 - Page 41

Jack Black’s Skeleton Coast IPA doesn’t stand back much at 65 IPA. Lovingly (and, I might add, rather well) made by CBC’s Wolfgang Koedel, it’s seriously entering the drinkable category. And then it’s called Skeleton Coast, where I did my growing up, and probably belong. Perhaps it’s best to limber up with their Lumberjack Amber Ale, but do so at the brewery. At least you’ll know where it’s been. If, however, you are most fortunate, being party to the hugs of one you love more than you love beer, which is the ideal after all, charm her or him not with hops but with with wine, for that’s what I would do if I had another go. As “Here’s the thing about bitterness – it’s only nice in sweetness and in beer, and then only when you cannot have enough of it.” thick and sweet and tangy as you can find, studded with flavours of orange peel, flowers and honey; shimmering like poured gold but but silky as cream on your tongue. Make it, if you can, a German Riesling – nothing less than a Beerenauslese – or a Tokay Aszu if you have one. Or Sauternes – splash on Château Climens, or Yquem. Or if you have to: La Beryl, from Fairview, or Vin de Constance. And then go have your beer.