Land n Sand Jan / Feb 2014 - Page 33

Our House Rules 1. Follow and respect all rules on any platform e.g. Facebook/Gmail etc. they are there for a reason. 2. No Facebook before you’re 13.** 3. Don’t click on any ads - you could get a virus on your computer, your computer will not work, I cannot buy you a new one. 4. You may not make friends on a social site with anyone you have not met in the flesh.  5. If there is someone you would like to make friends with that you haven’t physically met you need to ask me. 6. You must not be able to link your gaming personas to your social profiles. 7. You may not reveal any personal information while gaming. 8. No cell phones before 11 years old, no expensive cell phones until you’re in high school and no very expensive cell phones until you can buy it yourself or I win the Lotto. 9. You may not delete your browsing history. 10. I know all log in details and passwords for everything. 11. I may check any device at any time. 12. Pop-up blocker must be enabled. 13. Computer security settings must be set on Medium. 14. No computers in bedrooms. 15. No downloads without permission. 16. Switch the TV off if you’re not watching it. 17. Unplug chargers when devices are fully charged. 18. Ensure passwords are strong and change them at least once a year. 19. If using another person’s device you may not change any settings. 20. I am the boss, I can change and modify rules at any time. 21. When texting me ensure you use full sentences, correct spelling and no abbreviations.