Land n Sand Jan / Feb 2014 - Page 26

I t is terrifying parenting children in a digital world - even when you’re a geek like I am. Technology changes exponentially every second of every minute, of every hour of every day. It seems impossible to keep up with it. Their attention seems to flip from one thing to another so quickly that we think they have ADHD or ADD. Their teachers even tell us they have Attention Deficit Disorder. We feel like they are part of a world that we are not. We don’t know the rules of that world and we think our old-school rules don’t work. We’re stumped and terrified of what is going to become of our children. Parents feel overwhelmed by the amount of time their children spend connected to devices. We worry that we are losing power or influence over our children because we are not as technologically literate as them and don’t know what they are actually We get told by educators that 2 hours doing on their phones, computers or screen time a day is the maximum tablets. we should allow, but our kids are on much longer than that. We read We see them playing games that articles about teenagers killing their involve guns, blood, guts and gore and parents because they took away their worry that they are going to become favourite Xbox game. We’re told that violent psychopaths. We’re concerned technology is destroying creativity, because they no longer stand up when human relationships, our brains, and an adult enters a room and don’t seem the social fabric of our worlds. It’s to listen to us when we speak to them. making us lonely people. We are convinced that their command of the English language is degenerating So what do we do? How do we parent into a collection of abbreviations and these children we feel we don’t relate slang. We’re constantly worrying about to at all anymore? How do we stop them being stalked or bullied on-line, technology turning them into digital of revealing too much information. monsters? Technology changes exponentially every second of every minute, of every hour of every day.