Lakeview East Dining Guide - Page 9

CERES’ TABLE Owner: Caryn Struif 3124 N. BROADWAY 773.922.4020 In May 2014, Ceres’ Table opened in Lakeview East. Ceres’Table was previously named a “Best New Restaurant” in Chicago Magazine and has earned six consecutive Bib Gourmand awards from the esteemed Michelin Guide. The restaurant features regional, Italianinspired seasonal plates that pay homage to tradition with respect to the technique, process, and history of Italian cuisine. The restaurant features pasta made in house and pizzas made with fermented dough and fired to order in a custom built wood burning oven. A reflection of the Italian lifestyle, Ceres’ Table has forged meaningful connections with Midwestern farmers in the spirit of cooking with seasonal, local, and sustainable ingredients wherever possible. In continuation of that philosophy, th Z\Y[^[[X\ۘ[HY\Z\Y[H]]\]Z[XH[HX\][B\^[ܜۈHY[\\\˂Hۙ\و\\&HXHYB[\[\ۈ[][]KY[\XH[ܛ\]\YHܘ[KZ\؝\]\YHܘ[HX]\\š[ܘYYZ[[^[]HX˜\H\Y\ܘ[H[[][[ۂ]Z[ \\&HXH\[^[]B[H\]ݙ\ \BH[[ܙH[ [X[ۜ\Bٙ\YHH\ˈ]H\ۂ[]\[H[Y[\Y\[YKX\H L HوZ\[\\HXY] L܈\[H\و[H\H B܈\ˈ\x&\Y][܈]\[ۙB]]\HXH[HH][\[[^HY\^HH NŒLH[Y^H[]\^HH N LKH\[Z[H] \K^HHH X\[ݙ[\[\[[ZKܛXYH[[[B\H]Z[XH[H\[[K[B[[[H[][X[[\Y[\XHۈ]\^\[[^\BL[H K