Lakeview East Dining Guide - Page 5

Soraya Rendon CHILAM BALAM 3023 N. BROADWAY 773.296.6901 Chilam Balam is a sustainably minded BYOB restaurant serving Mexican shared plates with a farm fresh twist. They strive to provide the tastiest and freshest ingredients while preparing the dishes and other aliments without unnatural additives and ingredients. All of the dishes are designed to share at the table; you can either take a little piece, make a taco out of their fresh tortillas, or top one of their handmade tostadas. Most of the dishes on the menu also happen to be gluten free. Natalie Oswald Business owner Soraya Rendon opened Chilam Balam in August of 2009. The successful entrepreneur hails from Mex X]K[\X[YY\]Y][YB[ [[]]H[[[Y[[\H^\ Y\[ܙH[][YX\›وZ[[\[\HX[H\XZ]Y]\[[\\]HXY\[Y[BXYZX[[X\X[ L L M  MK MKXYXY^[x&\\]\]\[\[\XY“XY^[x&\Y^X[\]\[[XYˈ[[H[[H\H]\ ]\][[™\[][ۈ܈YHY\]\]\KX[XHZ\X[HXXY[\[\[[\X]Hٙ\܈و\[\H]ܝ\\[]\]K]\[Z]Y]˜[Y\[[H[[x&\X\\B\[Y[[ۈ[[8&\ܚ™]Xˈ8'[[H[[H\H\H[[ZX[\[]\X[Y[Z[]X]\B^x&\H[[]\Y][ۘ[]ܜš[]^][^\8'HZ\X[ZY 8'[^x&\H[H[[X]\H]8&\[K][XYX]\B]8&\H^H\\YHXYK'B