Lakeview East Dining Guide - Page 35

LITTLE WOK 3144 N. BROADWAY little F. O’MAHONY’S 3701N. BROADWAY 773.549.0226 F. O’Mahony’s is an Irish pub and grill with tough drinks and tasty food. You can stop in for a pint, a burger and even brunch. At F. O’Mahoneys, the menu changes with the seasons and for that, the owners consult and hire one of Chicago’s Leading Chefs at the time to make additions and deletions to accomodate the small kitchen of only 250 square feet. Capacity of this pub is only 80, and when summer hits, their large patio’s open up to seat a total of 170 seats. This pub is known as the “Cheers” of the area, welcoming every personality that walks through the bar. Little Wok is a full service restaurant that represents the culmination of a variety of Asian flavors, with an extensive menu that covers Chinese, Japanese, Thai and Korean fare. Little Wok, which opened it’s first location in Evanston in 2009, strives to maintain the traditional balance of different ethnic regions to create a cultural evolution of taste. The traditional orange chicken, mongolian beef and fresh sushi sashimi are among the best in Chicago. Little Wok offers a modern, relaxing atmosphere, perfect for a night out with friends and family, or a date night. The restaurant also offers carryout and delivery to a wide range of Lakeview residences. F. O’Mahony’s Little Wok