Lakeview East Dining Guide - Page 34

MAVi CHICAGO 2833 N. BROADWAY 773.880.0063 Mavi celebrates the rich diversity of Turkish and Mediterranean food and culture through a blend of classic and contemporary menu offerings and superb hospitality. Their beautiful and traditionally inspired space provides a sense of warmth and relaxation. The owners take pride in being one of the best vegetarian-friendly restaurant in Chicago, offering over a dozen options among entrees and appetizers. Buena Vista BUENA VISTA MAVi 3174 N. BROADWAY 773.871.5782 Buena Vista Restaurant is the premier carry out Mexican cuisine in Lakeview. They have all the traditional favorites, carefully prepared with you in mind. Family owned and operated, the Ramirez family personally oversees all activities in the restaurant, from serving to cooking! You will be thrilled at the quality of food and excellent service you receive. The Ramirez family prides itself on having a family member in Buena Vista Restaurant at all times to best serve the neighborhood. Stop in or order online and have a great meal delivered directly to your home.