Lakeview East Dining Guide - Page 31

PANINO’S PIZZA 3702 N. BROADWAY 773.472.6200 Panino’s is a full-service restaurant that offers traditional and contemporary Italian dishes. While creating their Artisan Style Pizza, they wanted to adhere to the standards of the old school pizzerias, and the art and craft of the great pizzaiolis who started the legacy over a 100 years ago. Their pizza dough is naturally leavened with a “Mother” strain of the starter yeast called camaldoli, which also comes from Naples, Italy. Panino’s pizzas are made with high quality ingredients baked in a high temperature wood burning oven, which results in a thin-crisp crust with a puffed edge that takes on a charred and blistered appearance. Other dining options include antipasti, salad, pasta and calzones. The Bagel THE BAGEL RESTAURANT & DELI 3107 N. BROADWAY 773.477.0300 When the owner’s grandparents arrived from the Old World, they brought with them a lifetime of prized, traditional recipes. Armed with these family secrets and a desire to provide authentic Jewish cooking, they established The Bagel in1950 as a premier ethnic eatery dedicated to serving delicious, traditional cooking. Since 1950 they have moved locations twice, but today the owners of The Bage \HY˜\HۈZ\[Z[H\]YK^H\B[Y[ݙ\YZ[]\HX]قH\]\[8&\Z[H\][ۜˈZ\[Z[HX\\[[܈ۛHB\\[ܙYY[H]X[]B\^[ܜˈHY[ٙ\Y][ۘ[]\\\]\[XY\XX[Y^HY[\[[ۜܙ\