Lakeview East Dining Guide - Page 30

RENALDI’S PIZZA 2827 N. BROADWAY 773.248.2445 Frank and the Gang invite you to know an honest, clean and valued Pizzeria. For more than 30 years Frank has satisfied Chicago taste buds with good food and superb attitude. Old World Italian recipes are the secret of their success. They prepare all meals with top grade ingredients: lean meat, fresh poultry, real cheese, unbleached flour, and nothing but the freshest tomatoes, green peppers and pure vegetables. Frank prides himself on a health conscious menu to satisfy customer’s nutritional needs. Renaldi’s also takes great pride in introducing for the first time in the United States Spingione’s™ Pizza. Spingione’s means “light and fluffy” in Sicilian. You will find all toppings are light in weight and the crust has a very fluffy texture. CESAR’S MEXICAN RESTAURANT 2924 N. BROADWAY 773.296.9097 Cesar’s has been serving up delicious traditional Mexican food to the North side of Chicago for over 25 years, with time-honored family recipes passed down throughout generations of proud Mexican-Americans. But don’t just take their word for it, browse through their delectable brunch, lunch, dinner and dessert menus. Cesar’s takes the freshest ingredients, prepares them according to family recipes, and adds a dash of inspiration to prepare a scrumptious dining experience with something for everyone. Cesar’s makes more than 50 items on their menu by hand, even down to the simplest menu items. Their chips and salsa are handmade and never store bought.