Lakeland Business Guide 2019 Chamber Guide_2019 - Page 60

“So, truly, from meeting people your age to developing yourself as a leader, to then finding successful positions utilizing the talents and résumé builders within Lakeland — that keeps you here, engaged, and holds the talent.” Photo by Nikki Roman to truly focus on the young professional and Lakeland, and how we can help to develop them and get them used to Lakeland,” says Hamid. Dedicated to helping young professionals of our community, EMERGE offers unique opportunities to develop their members relationally, professionally, politically, philanthropically, and more. “Those professionals might not be business owners yet or may not even be managers yet, but they have to start building those competencies today to get into those roles,” says Hamid. With members of EMERGE from all over the state, focusing in on a targeted group of people within the larger demographic that exists within the Chamber has been helpful with quickly acclimating young talent to the Lakeland area. EMERGE introduces these individuals to the community, giving them connections to notable and established leaders while providing them with a community filled with others in a similar season. “You get access to people who are closer to your age, so it’s way less intimidating,” says Hamid. Even though networking is one of the seeked benefits of joining an organization like – TAHER HAMID 60