Lakeland Business Guide 2019 Chamber Guide_2019 - Page 24

MARK BURTON General Manager – Mojo Federal you’re looking to help, in any direction.” Burton understands the importance of community events, both downtown and around the city, and the role they play in supporting the surrounding restaurants. “We have been very impressed with the events and activities that Lakeland does to support the area. From food truck rallies and parades to hosting yearly Sun ‘n Fun at the Lakeland [Linder International] Airport,” he says. For Mojo Federal, 2018 was a great year. “We were primarily focused on opening the restaurant and establishing ourselves within the community, getting more involved in other events that are important to the community downtown and beyond,” says Burton. The team at Mojo is already looking forward to what 2019 will bring. “There will be some exciting changes to the menu, including the expansion of our catering service and an overall increase in grassroots marketing,” he says. Lakeland’s restaurant industry is growing one happy hour and weekly special at a time, and we have Lakelanders like you to thank for it. Now more than ever, local restaurants are able to be more connected to the city around them, engaging in community events and developing ongoing catering/ event partnerships with local businesses. The next time you and your network are searching for a party for your palates, visit one of the many local hot spots this city now has to offer. Your support is what will lead to the continued growth of Lakeland’s restaurant industry for years to come. 24