Lake Forest Parks & Recreation Brochures Summer & Camp 2019 - Page 69

Martial Arts Taekwondo Students have the opportunity to improve concentration and self esteem, achieve lifelong physical fitness, and learn self- defense. Classes are taught under the direction of Grand Master Ki Hong Kim (8th Dan World Tae Kwon Do Federation). A $45 uniform fee is required at the first class. Colored belt students are required to have complete sparring gears. FOR ALL TAEKWONDO CLASSES: Location: Studio 2, Lake Forest Recreation Center Instructor/Contact: Instructed by KH Kim’s Taekwondo (OATC) Staff. For more information, call 847.480.9224 Notes: No class on May 26. LITTLE DRAGONS (4-5Y) This introductory class is designed to captivate the interest of our youngest students. Skills are developed through gentle instruction and games for their ability. CODE DAYS DATES TIME R/NR 30141602-01 Su Jun 23 - Aug 25 12:00 pm - 12:40 pm $130/$156 EARLY TAEKWONDO (6-7Y) Designed especially for the younger children of 6-7 years, this program helps kids develop conditioning, coordination, listening skill, and self-confidence through creative activities. CODE DAYS DATES TIME R/NR 30141602-02 Su Jun 23 - Aug 25 12:45 pm - 1:30 pm $130/$156 PARENT/CHILD TAEKWONDO (7Y+) This class provides families with a fun opportunity to spend time together while improving physical and mental conditioning through cardiovascular drills, calisthenics, and traditional Taekwondo techniques including punching, kicking, and blocking. Both participants must register for this class. CODE DAYS DATES TIME R/NR 30141602-04 Su Jun 23 - Aug 25 2:25 pm - 3:15 pm $130/$156 YOUTH TAEKWONDO (8-13Y) This program includes a balanced cardiovascular workout including punching, kicking, and blocking skills using Taekwondo tradition and self-control. Participants will improve coordination, power of concentration, balance, and both physical and mental discipline. CODE DAYS DATES TIME R/NR 30141602-03 Su Jun 23 - Aug 25 1:35 pm - 2:20 pm $130/$156 ADULT TAEKWONDO (14Y+) Restricted to high school students and older, this program concentrates on Taekwondo techniques through the study of forms, stances, and the skills of punching, kicking, and blocking. CODE DAYS DATES TIME R/NR 30141602-05 Su Jun 23 - Aug 25 3:20 pm - 4:10 pm $130/$156 www. LF Par ks andRec .c om 51