Lake Forest Parks & Recreation Brochures Summer & Camp 2019 - Page 61

Court Sports Squash & Racquetball Lessons & Services MEET OUR PRO SQUASH PRO - JOHN LARSON John is a USSRA Squash certified professional who was a nationally ranked junior & college player and is looking to build strong youth and adult programs at the Lake Forest Recreation Department. Prior to coming to Lake Forest, he started the Chicago Junior Squash program and has taught in Chicago and Evanston. He welcomes ANYONE who is interested in becoming a part of our program. PRIVATE SQUASH LESSONS The Lake Forest Recreation Department has partnered with John and his Lake Forest Squash Program to offer our community's Squash enthusiasts the opportunity to gain the skills needed to develop their game through private lessons. These sessions will sharpen your existing skills or build your skill sets from scratch. Lesson plans will be tailored to your goals. Before your first lesson, John will schedule a conversation with you to discuss what you want to achieve in your session or sessions. PRIVATE SQUASH LESSON PRICING PACKAGES (PER PERSON) RESIDENT RATES NON-RESIDENT RATES 1 Lesson $80 1 Lesson $96 2 Lessons $150 2 Lessons $180 3 Lessons $210 3 Lessons $252 COURT SPORTS SERVICES STRINGING & REGRIPPING - BILL BERTAGNOLI Bill has been stringing for 30 years and was certified in 1994 as a Certified Racquet Technician through the USRSA (United Racquet Stringers Association). Bill later took his certification to the next level as a Master Racquet Technician. Bill inventories over 40 different strings and gauges suitable for all racquets (tennis, racquetball, squash and badminton). If interested in this service, please inquire at the Lake Forest Recreation Department Fitness Center front desk. PICKLEBALL & PADDLE TENNIS AT LAKE BLUFF PARK DISTRICT See page 58 for more information. www. LF Par ks andRec .c om 43