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Certified Best for Kids™ Best for Kids™ requires manufacturers who want to be part of the program to meet stringent criteria and submit appropriate products to a third party testing laboratory recognized by Window Covering Manufacturers Association (WCMA). To become certified, these products either have no operating cords or inner cords that are not accessible. If accessible inner cords are present in products with no operating cords, they cannot create a hazardous loop or potential wrap-around hazard. Accu-Rise® Cordless Our Accu-Rise® cordless operation is suitable for larger blinds and shades and available on the optional Top-Down / Bottom-Up Lifting System (for Parasol® Cellular Shades). Accu-Rise® allows you to raise and lower the blinds or shades with the simple touch of your fingers. Operating cords are eliminated for a clean, uncluttered look. No worries about children or pets becoming entangled in hanging cords or controls! CareRING™ Cordless All our roman shades come standard with the TLC cord sleeve and we’ve taken extra care to make them even safer. Our CareRING™ Cordless Control eliminates dangling lift cords, taking child safety precautions to the next level for added confidence and comfort. Simply reach for the CareRING™ hidden on the back of the bottom hem of the shade to effortlessly raise and lower the shade to the desired position. Window Coverings & CHILD SAFETY As you childproof your home, don’t forget that kids (pets too!) and window cords do NOT mix. These seemingly harmless products are a potential hazard for your little ones. ACCIDENTS HAPPEN 397 of strangulations from window covering cords actually go unrecorded. 1 , 590 57.5% THE GOOD NEWS? We are here to help and show that these accidents are preventable. YOUR HOME NOW The EZ Lift™ Roller is designed with larger shades in mind. Using a speed reducer, a gentle tug on the hem bar allows the shade to lift slowly. Do you already own window coverings? Yes Lift & Lock™ is a budget friendly, child-safe option for 2” and 2 1 / 2 ” horizontal blinds. Raise and lower the blind with the press of a button or simply tilt the blind with the twist of a color-coordinated wand. Motorization (Tilt Only or Tilt & Lift) We offer a wide variety of window fashions with motorized options that eliminate the need for lift cords, providing ultimate convenience and superior operation. Motorized window coverings are easy to control via remote or wall switch and create a safer environment for children. This provides peace of mind for you by eliminating dangerous cords. Sure-Lift™ Retractable Cord The Sure-Lift™ system operates safely on shades with one retractable cord designed to stay out of the reach of small children. Whether the shade is raised or lowered, the cord stays at the same length, making it less accessible to little ones. Wands Replacing tilt cords with wands is a simple way to keep children and pets safe. The wand draw option for vertical applications is a great solution too. Would you like to? If they have lift cords, are they secured? Glissade™ offers a safe vertical solution for sliding glass doors, very large windows, or as a room divider. No operating cords or chains necessary, simply slide side to side with a touch of your hand. Lift & Lock™ of reported accidents were with horizontal blinds - the biggest culprit AND most common product in homes. strangulations and injuries are estimated to have occurred from 1996 - 2012 (to include unrecorded). EZ Lift™ Glissade™ 49% reported cases of child death or injury in the U.S. since 1996 are due to unsafe window covering cords. No Great job! Yes No Of course! Would you like to update? Uh oh! Get a FREE kit at: OR: Go for a Cordless Lift System There’s more options than you think. Select products are Certified Best For Kids. See the list and read more on our website at: STEPS TO TAKE TODAY Move cribs, furniture, and toys away from windows. Install cord cleats 1 or cord tension locks 2 properly for the corded window products in your home. Check the windows at the places your child visits and plays often: Other Child Safe Alternatives: DAYCARE or school Custom shutters from Lafayette are cordless by design and provide an elegant, child safe solution for homes with young children. GRANDPARENTS’ house BABYSITTER’S house BOTTOM LINE? We care about kids and have your back. Follow us & see on Facebook and Instagram: #4KIDSSAKE Sources: Lafayette Interior Fashions 2016 Child Safe Options Explained: