Lafayette Interior Fashions Genesis Roller Shades, Roman Shades and Panel Trac - Page 9

Roller Shades, Roman Shades & Panel Track Openness and Opacity The amount and quality of light entering a room creates atmosphere and affects its functionality. Genesis offers fabrics with opacity ratings ranging from complete blackout (5) to sheer (1). These simple numeric codes (1 to 5) on each fabric swatch guide you to the degree of opacity that you desire. Screen shades address the quality of light control and privacy in a slightly different manner. In screen fabrics, the view-through and light control are a function of the density of the weave. The tightest weave – with the least view-through – has an openness factor of 1%. Fabrics with the highest level of view-through and visibility have an openness factor of 14%. Openness and color combine to transform light control, privacy, glare resistance and visibility.