Lafayette Interior Fashions Genesis Roller Shades, Roman Shades and Panel Trac - Page 17

Roller Shades, Roman Shades & Panel Track Openness and View - Through Comparison Guide Openness refers to the weave density of the screen material affecting the degree of visibiity, privacy, glare control and UV blockage. Normally, dark colors provide better glare control because they absorb light. Light colors offer better heat control because they reflect heat. Duplex fabrics offer both glare control and heat control. Openness 1% Least View Most Privacy 99% UV Blockage SheerWeave 2500 1% Sand SheerWeave 2500 1% Bronze SheerWeave 2410 3% Bronze SheerWeave 2390 5% Bronze SheerWeave 4100 10% Tobacco Openness 3% Some View More Privacy 97% UV Blockage SheerWeave 2410 3% Sand Openness 5% Moderate View Some Privacy 95% UV Blockage SheerWeave 2390 5% Sand Openness 10% More View Less Privacy 90% UV Blockage SheerWeave 4100 10% Alabaster