Lafayette Interior Fashions Genesis Roller Shades, Roman Shades and Panel Trac - Page 12

Return to Index A Family of Fashionable Treatments Genesis is all about choices. Begin with a comprehensive collection of fabrics. Add a complete range of operating and lifting systems. Blend in an exciting array of top treatments, trims, hem styles and fascias. Genesis optimizes custom win- dow fashions. Special windows… But the choices don’t stop with roller shades. Many of these same fabrics and accents are also available as Genesis Roman shades or panel track. Choose the product style to match the functional needs of your individual space, then select fabric and accents to match your décor. Specially shap Y[\Hٝ[H\]X\[Y BYوHYH[[HHYX[[[H܈HYB\[ۈ\Yۙ\[\\ݚY\H][ۋXX[\\8$[H\[XX[ۙY\][ۜ B[ۋ[ۙHXYZ[ Yۋ؛K]\[\H]Z[XB[HYH[X[ۈوXX