Lafayette Interior Fashions Allure Transitional Shades - Page 7

Transitional Shades Design Options Wood Valances Fabric Wrapped Valances Fabric Wrapped Valance - (7” H) Fabric Wrapped Valance - (4 5/8” H) Majesty Noble Fabric Wrapped Valance - (4 5/8” H) On certain fabrics, fabric wrapped valance will have sheer and solid fabric layered to create a unique appearance. Cassette and Bottom Rail Colors Brushed Nickel 090 White 11 Vanilla 09 Sierra Tan 53 Bronze 38 Black 03 Designer Accents Take a shine to your Transitional Shades and add one of our Mixed Metals Designer Accents to your cassette and bottom rail. Brushed Sterling 821 Brushed Titanium 990 Fabric Covered Bottom Rail Front Back Brushed Graphite 127 Bronzed Pearl 922 Radiant Cashmere 257 Bronze Shimmer 964