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Macaiah is a consulant and founder

of FVRD2WIN LLC and with at for

laExpose' Int'l. He delivers a high

engery message which tells

people how to go to their destiny

and live up to their dreams.

Macaiah message was learned

from his own life and business and

one he is helping others apply to

their lives and business.

Macaiah says his life has been a

"man shaping experience" to

empower others and through it all,

all have the favor to win, but one

must tap into it.

Five minutes in his presence will

propel you to walk in your destiny.

Macaiah holds a Bachelors of Arts in Communications, Masters of Arts in Business, Masters of Science in Academic Advising and Counseling.

For Booking:

(615) 839-7922 or (501) 240-0229.